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Fundamental Strength and Conditioning Camp For The Endurance Athlete


6 Session over 6 weeks – Strength and conditioning camp for the endurance athlete.


Start: Monday April 9th, 7:30pm.
Last Session: Monday May 14th, 7:30pm.


Build healthier joints; strength and mobility through a healthy range of motion will allow an athlete to better handle the demands their sport places on their body and recover much easier and faster.

Increase you ability to produce & absorb force; you want to increase your performance? Make every stride, pedal stroke or swim stroke easier on the muscular system.

Be a more useful human; in rounding out your GPP, not only will sport performance improve but daily tasks around the home will become easier and you’ll look and feel better doing whatever it is you want to do.


Single Admission: $165 + Tax
Double Admission: $199 + Tax


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