Main – CrossFit Group WOD

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Christmas Hours Next Week will be on the schedule for tomorrow. Standby. But keep in mind we will be running a Workout on Christmas Day at 2PM. As well, we will be running a workout that starts at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve!

Med Ball Warm-up (No Measure)

With a partner, 30 seconds each of:

1./Two hand shove through chest

2./ Twist to right and shove

3./ Twist to left and shove

4./ Seated twist to right and shove

5./ Seated twist to left and shove

6./ Ballistic sit-up
Start with 400m Run or Row


Super set (90 second rest after completing set) 25 Min Time Cap

3×8 Box ring row

3×5 Goblet Squat

Weighted Pull-ups (3×8)

Front Squat (3 x 5 )

Metcon (Time)

4 Rnds of

15 C2B pull ups

6 Weighted OH Lunges (95/55)

15 Burpee over bar

Unlock RX + 12min cap – Rest 2min from cap time and complete 750 row for time

750m Row (Time)

750m row for time