So…did you know we have a lounge? We’ve accumulated a big screen TV (Thanks Kyle!) a couple of sofas and recliners and an XBox. The lounge is located on the mezzanine and you are all welcome to it whenever you want.

Today’s Workout
3x or 10:00
2 forward rolls => box jump snake (coach will set-up a box jump course.) => 2 cartwheels => agility ladder => balance beam bear crawl => basic dot drill x 10 (there and back only) => 50-meter back pedal => 50-meter side shuffle

Get warmed up, then take 8 attempts to hit a 1 RM Snatch (Squat, Split, Power or Muscle)

Four rounds for times of:
5 X Thruster (135/95)-RX (95-115/65-95)-Perf (45-65/25-55)-Fit
10 X Kettlebell Swings (70/50)-RX (50/45)-Perf (35/25)-Fit
20 X Double-Unders (3:1 Singles:Doubles)
Rest 90 seconds