Happy BC Day! Don’t forget there are only 2 Group WODs today. 7AM and 530PM only!!! Have a great BC Day!

It was an incredibly difficult decision to have to make. I have posted the RPCFO Challenage Roster here.

Today’s Workout:

4 Sets of:
5 X Deadlift (around 90% of your 5RM)
rest 20 seconds
20 X Box Jump
Rest 2 minutes
3 X Push Press (around 90% of 3RM)
Rest 20 seconds
HSPU or Stinkbugs X Max Rep
Rest Two Minutes
Best bet for this one is to find a partner of similar lifting ability in order to share bars. Could be crowded today.

8 sets for max reps of:
20 seconds KB Swing (50/35 45/25 35/15)
rest 10 seconds
20 Seconds Burpees
rest 10 seconds