“Best Shape of My Life Challenge”

From June 4th until July 2nd, we are challenging you to get in the Best Shape of Your Life! I have completed a bunch of information from other CrossFit boxes and they seem to love this challenge! I believe CrossFit Verve were the creators of this challenge, so big thanks to them for doing all the hard work.

Why do this challenge?

This challenge will teach you a bunch of good habits that are required in living a healthy and fit lifestyle.  Once you learn how to eat right, exercise regularly, etc. you will always know how to do it.

You want to reach your goals faster, right?  This challenge will get you on the fastest track to meet your goals.  Most of us want to lose weight, get fit, and become healthier.  Well this is the way to do it.  It is a slow and frustrating process if you are only coming in the gym 2-3x a week and have poor nutrition.  Doing things right for 4 weeks will open your eyes up to your true potential.  This 6 weeks will be more effective than 6 months of half-assing it.

So what is the “Best Shape of My Life”challenge?

Points are earned by eating Paleo and Zone meals, with bonus points for meal frequency, workout frequency, adequate water and sleep, and eating mountains of vegetables. Points were lost for cheat meals, not having post-workout meals, not supplementing with fish oil, drinking alcohol and working out less than three times a week.

Life is all about challenges.  That is how we get better and stronger.  There is no excuse that won’t allow you to participate.

In order to compete for this Challenge:.

To begin the challenge, a participant buys in with $50.

You are probably wondering why do I need to pay $50?!? Simple, so we can make you accountable! It is easy to win back your money.  The goal is to have everyone succeed.  If you look at the Point Structure, all you need is 280 out of 580 to get all $50 back.  That’s 50%!

Participants will test their performance on the workout “Karen” and retest again at the end of the challenge.

150 Wall Balls for time.

You must Log in all your food, sleep, etc. daily – We will provide you with easy charts to keep track.

Things you need to know:

• Best Shape of My Life Challenge begins June 4th and is completed on July 2nd

• There will be a binder at the gym with a spread sheet where you need to record your progress. Each week will have a new spread sheet. Please record your daily total points.

• If you need more incentive in addition to a long life, prizes are awarded for the men and women with the best changes in body composition, best improvement in performance and best overall finish. Depending upon participant’s point totals at the end of the challenge, they can win back their money!

How to get started

  1. Come into the gym and sign up (Sign up starts Friday June 1, 2012) ! Please bring an enveloped with your name on it with $50. I will be around on Friday afternoon/evening & Saturday Morning to collect money and test you on Karen. If you miss me no worries. Please hand your money in an envelope to another coach.
  2. Download this document-https://docs.google.com/open?id=1F5cMzDmMOksd2QYsnLHaJexo9MmRlWF2v9J-6SymaXJj8lYyXhQYgi6M_18y
  3. After downloading explore the excel sheet : ) Its pretty simple to use. Each square will give you a different amount of points base on what you eat. It will also add everything up for you and give you a daily total. This is the number you need to record that the gym.

Please email me if you have any questions. jennifersbeach@gmail.com