Entering Week 4 of CAL action Rocky Point CrossFit and RainCity Athletics were the only 2 undefeated teams in the league. So it was like Bartertown last night, 2 teams enter, one team leaves? Who runs Bartertown? Chalk Dirty To me, that’s who.

It was easily the closest competition we have seen so far. It literally came down to a few reps. But not before RPCF pulled off a substantial lead in WOD#1.

The first WOD brought 4 athletes from each team to the floor. Athletes had 4 minutes to bang out as many thrusters as they could. Each athlete could pick their weight. The winner of the WOD would be that team that had the most cumulative weight “thrustered”. To make things interesting, women would multiply their weight by a factor of 1.5. The nerds on the team spent the days prior working out a spreadsheet to determine who should be lifting what. It paid off.

With all 8 athletes working on the thrusters at once the scene was like the inside of an 8 cylinder engine. elehippo(An engine with the cylinders in random places). A point was handed out to the female who pushed the most weight, the male who pushed the most weight and the team with the biggest grand total. Marc “Gravity” Edgett shoved a whopping 5850 pounds. Manon a humongous 5400 pounds. Between Marc, Mark, Manon and Emily the team shoved a combined 21700 pounds in 4 minutes. That’s an average African Elephant and Hippo combined!

The second WOD was a Gauntlet similar to previous weeks. 4 people from each team would break into partners. The first set of partners would start and the second set could not start that station until the first set of partners cleared on to the next station.  Here was the “gotcha”. While one person in the partnership worked on the reps, the other had to maintain a “hold”. Here was the WOD:

100 Wallballs – Partner holds plate overhead
75 Lunges – Partner holds front rack
50 Pullups – Partner hangs from bar

WOD#2 was neck-and-neck. 1st place position passed several times between RPCF and RainCity. But it was Beth and Marc who were the stronger Lungers and put a 10 rep lead on RainCity moving to the pullups. The pair managed to keep the lead despite a dogged effort by RainCity to catch them.

The final WOD of the night enlisted 4 athletes from each team. Between the 4 of them, with only one person working at a time, they would attempt to complete as many rounds possible in 12 minutes of:

50 X Double Unders
20 X Cleans (115/80)
10 X Ring Dips

RainCity managed to edge out RPCF on the final WOD by 10 reps. But it was not enough to surmount RPCF’s big lead. RPCF won the event 2WODs to 1.

The next installment of CAL action sees RPCF hitting the road once again to CF Kitsilano to meet The Wolfpack.