What impressed me most in last night’s Canadian Affiliate League action was, in the space of only a month, how improved the team from Rocky Point CrossFit looked on the floor. Strategy, movement, energy budgeting, discipline and sportsmanship. All of these characteristics were in exemplary form as RPCF laced up their boots and hit the floor to meet CrossFit Driftwood, a newer CrossFit gym from Burnaby.

We were shy 3 of the women, so most of the heavy lifting rested squarely on Leah’s OH Squat, and she did not disappoint.
WOD #1 was a Metcon/Strength hybrid. In the 1st two minutes 4 members from each team had to crank out as many couplets of: 3 X Knees-to-Arms, 3 X Pull-Ups. The catch? You could not break up the 3 reps. Not a big deal for the crew from RPCF. In the remaining 6 minutes, each member on the team shot for a 3RM Overhead Squat. A strategical factor was a 1.5 multiplier to women’s lifts. With OH Squats being a difficult lift to create any significant differences between men and women’s lifts, the advantage lay with having as many women complete the WOD. As mentioned, Leah was the only female on hand. At the end of the WOD we combined the total number of reps completed in part one with the total weight lifted in the 2nd half. RPCF narrowly edged Driftwood on the reps. But it was Leah’s 3RM OH squat that won us the WOD with a new 10 pound PR!!!
The final WOD would be a long one. 4 members from the team were called to the floor. It would be a “Girls Gauntlet”. In turn, a team member would complete a Girl WOD in it’s entirety. Only when completed could the next team member start their WOD. The WODs and assignments were:
Fran – Sean
Jackie – Marc
Amanda – Al
Karen – Mark
From the onset, RPCF made no mistake and established a sizable lead on Fran. Simpson’s determination scored him a very respectable 4:39 Fran. His Driftwwod counterpart came in at 8:30. With nearly a 4-minute lead RPCF dominated the remainder of the WOD, completing the entire sequence a good 8 minutes faster than Driftwood.
Of the 11 points up for grabs, RPCF clinched 10 of them securing the win.
Once again, Captain Mark Paddock showed the sportsmanship becoming of a team leader and joined the final Driftwood competitor on his final 80 wallballs. His encouragement was infectious and everyone on hand encircled the 2 in counting down the final reps. Thanks Mark for reminding us of this great community we are a part of.
With the win, RPCF finishes the regular season in first place! Next step is the CAL PLayoffs taking place August 9th at CrossFit New West. Action gets underway at 9AM. We’ll keep you posted of details as the date approaches.