Rocky Point CrossFit sent it’s team, “Chalk Dirty to Me”, to the edges of Cloverdale last night to face the host, CrossFit Cloverdale in the first week of Canwest Affiliate League action.

Canwest Affiliate League

Final Strategy discussion among Team “Chalk Dirty to Me”

The team consisting of Captain Mark Paddock, Leah Jensen, Marc Edgett, Manon Virag, Beth Huel, Alex McNairn and Sean Simpson stepped into the box and finalized their strategies.

The competition consisted of 3 separate workouts. WOD#1 called 4 members of each team to complete AMREP 2 Minutes: Backsquat (155/115) followed immediately by AMREP 1 minute: knees-2-arms.

Alex, Leah and Beth demonstrated machine-like technique and steadily racked up the reps. The rig had a unique paint finish. Combine that with the heat and the sweat from the 2 minutes of back squats and you have a bar that’s hard to hold onto when one is partially inverted. Marc Edgett may have earned himself a new nickname as he took to the bar for his knees-2-arms. With 6 seconds left on the clock, Marc lost his grip and fell 8 feet to the floor below, flush on his back.

Gasps from the audience followed by silence for a few heartbeats until Simpson called out “Nice dismount!”

WOD#2 required 2 pairs from each team to alternate 21-15-9 Wallballs and Burpees. It was a tight race with CrossFit Cloverdale on the first 21 Wallballs. Then RPCF demonstrated the result of hard training and quickly pulled away from the competition with their burpees. Manon and Leah showed superior fitness cruising through all 45 of their burpees as though it were a warmup. Towards the end of the WOD, RPCF had a 30 Burpee lead.

The final WOD brought 4 members from each team onto the floor. Between them they had 8 minutes to complete: 2000M Row, 100 KB Swings, 100 Pullups. Once again, RPCF’s training and technical savvy turned the WOD into a runaway win. Beth tossed up the KBS like confetti and Sean’s use of the butterfly quickly reduced the 100 pullups. This left the row to Marc and Mark. After a quick pelvis readjustment by Marc’s girlfriend, Shannon, Marc pulled off a row typical of the pace he’s known for in the gym. Captain Mark brought the ERG all the way home, at times lifting the front of the rower off the floor with torquey pulls.

When the chalk had settled and the WOD results fed through CAL’s quantum score tabulator, RPCF had a decisive 10-1 win.

Many RPCF faithful were in the audience for this great first night of CAL action. The competition resumes the week after PentathaWOD when “Chalk Dirty to Me” heads to CrossFit New West.