Rocky Point’s “Chalk Dirty to me” and New West’s “OctoWOD” after a great battle in Week 2 CAL action. And Kimmy.

Chalk Dirty to Me crossed the Queensborough Thursday night and returned with another win for Rocky Point CrossFit in CAL action. CF New West certainly put up a good fight, but once again Captain Mark and the team displayed superior conditioning, strength and speed.

WOD#1 called for 2 men and 2 women from each team. Each athlete had to rack up as many bar-facing-burpees as possible in 2 minutes. Then they had 6 minutes to establish a 2-rep max back squat. Squatting for “Chalk Dirty” were Marc, Mark, Manon and Leah. Each of the team managed around 30 burpees each in the first 2 minutes. CF New West managed to squeak out just a few more reps, grabbing the first point of the evening. But then Marc and Mark saddled up to the bar and went 305 and 315 pounds respectively. Manon and Leah matched their opposing team with lifts of 175 and 155 pounds. New West was no where near RPCF on the squats and “Chalk Dirty” took the event.

Event #2 was a gauntlet format (they called it “waterfall” format) that required 4 team members to each do: 27 Hang Cleans (115/80), 21 PullUps, 15 Toes2Bar, 9 Deadlifts (275/185). Simpson, Marc, Alex and Beth took responsibility for this WOD and took an early lead. “Fast and Sweet” was Alex’ conclusion of the WOD. Beth was the final leg on the gauntlet and cruised through all the movements, then was faced with the 185# deadlift, a weight within range of her 1-rep max numbers. Beth calmly worked through all 9 reps and completed while New West’s final athlete was still bringing their toes to the bar.

Event#3 required 4 athletes. 2 athletes would work together and each had to do 4 rounds of 10 OH Plate lunges (45/25) and 15 wallballs. The pair couldn’t move onto the next movement until both had completed the required reps. Synchronized movements were not required, however, Emily and Leah displayed relentless synchronicity and conditioning and put a full round between them and their New West counterparts. Mark and Manon took over on the WOD and maintained the lead, securing another point for Rocky Point and the overall win.

The only injuries to report this evening came from the spectators when Troy attempted to slap one of the 10′ wallball markers and landed on a barbell clamp, effectively rolling his ankle.

CAL action picks up again next Thursday night. Rocky Point CrossFit will be hosting Raincity Athletics at 7:30PM.