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Rocky Point Fitness Acronyms

Every sport, industry, and hobby has its own vernacular; a set of terms that sound completely foreign to the untrained ear. Rocky Point Fitness is no different.  Here’s a quick reference for you to better understand what the heck those acronyms are in the daily news feed.

1./ ABMAT – A cushion shaped to fit the lumbar column during a sit up and prevents the spine from flexing as the athlete does the sit up.  Adds years to the athlete’s spinal discs.

2./AMRAPAs Many Rounds As Possible (in a given time period)

3./ AMREPAs Many REPs as possible (in a given time period)

4./ DL – Deadlift

5./ ERG – Ergometer: a device that measures the amount of work being performed.  In our case, the device is an indoor rowing machine, which is usually the only machine that exists in a CrossFit facility.  It is highly effective in transforming dry people into sweaty heaps.

6./ EMOMEvery Minute. On the Minute: Perform the movements as described by your coach. Most often it’s a lift. It’s a great opportunity to practice technique then chit chat with your neighbor in the time remaining in the minute.

7./ GHDGlute-Ham-Developer: The interesting contraptions in the corner.  1 GHD situp equals 10 regular situps. Yes, that is an arbitrary number.  This is a potent movement and you must get a coach to instruct you on the proper way to use them.

8./ GTOGround To Overhead: An instruction in the WOD to move a weight from the ground to overhead by any method the athlete desires.  Suggested methods: Snatch, Clean & Press/Jerk.  Discouraged possible methods: TGU’s, One Hand Snatch, transforming your body into a medieval siege weapon such as a trebuchet or a catapult.

9./ Hang – The term “hang” will precede the words “clean” or “snatch”. Meaning the athlete will deadlift the bar and pause. Standing there with the bar around mid-thigh, the athlete is in the “hang”.

10./ HSPUHand Stand Push Up: When pushups are not enough, we’ll teach you to get upside-down against the wall and do them.

11./ KB Kettlebells; see this link for Coach Tom’s Theory of their Origins.

12./ MED BALL – Medicine Ball: Made popular during the presidency of Herbert Hoover (1929-1933), the medicine ball plays a key role in our program.  You’ll carry, heave, slam, and throw (sometimes at other people) the medicine ball. I urge you to respect the 10lb of leather and stuffing travelling through space. The medicine ball can take a hit a lot better than someone not expecting a collision.

13./ OLY – Olympic Lift: The Snatch and the Clean & Jerk make up the Olympic Lifts.  These movements take a lifetime to master.  Once you begin to unravel the mystery of these movements you’ll gain a lot of respect and appreciation for the athletes that compete at high levels.  In the meantime, get back on that practice bar.

14./ Pood – Just as the British have its odd weight, “The Stone” which equals 14 pounds, the Russians have their own unique measurement system.  The “pood” equals 35 pounds.

15./ PRPersonal Record (can be used as a verb or a noun) “I just PRed my Fran time!” “Oh yeah? What was your time?” “3:35” “Nice PR!”

16./ RMRep Max  (Note: There is always a number preceding RM, for example, 3RM; the instructor could say, “Work up to a 3RM on the Shoulder Press.” The student gets as heavy as they can for 3 consecutive reps.

17./ SDHPSumo Deadlift High Pull: a movement requiring a wide stance and a close grip.  In one movement, the weight is moved from the floor to below the chin while keeping the elbows above the wrist.  Can be used with a barbell, kettlebell, or an unsuspecting toddler.  The “sumo” part of the term refers to the starting position the lifter takes.  Apparently it resembles a sumo wrestler taking a starting stance, not the loin cloth some members prefer to wear when working out.

18./ STOShoulder To Overhead: Similar instructions as the GTO. In this case the weight is returned to the shoulder and not the floor.

19./ T2B and K2EToes to Bar and Knees to Elbows: A movement requiring the athlete to hang from a pull-up bar and draw their toes to the bar or their knees to their elbows.  A tricky movement to learn but trumps an ABMAT sit up every time.

20./ TGUTurkish Get Up. an all encompassing warm-up movement, a terrific strength, balance and coordination builder, and a great party trick.

21./ DUsDouble Unders. The ancient art of passing the jump rope 2 full rotations around the body on one jump. Well worth mastering. But comes with a price.

21./ WODWorkout Of the Day: The most exciting thing to read on the daily blog.  What will be the workout that pits you against the little voice in your head that says, “This is hard.  I want to quit.’  It is the WOD that keeps bringing us back every day to challenge and improve ourselves.

“Its at that point when a person wants to quit that they reveal who they really are.”

Canadian Affiliate League Week 6 Action


What impressed me most in last night’s Canadian Affiliate League action was, in the space of only a month, how improved the team from Rocky Point CrossFit looked on the floor. Strategy, movement, energy budgeting, discipline and sportsmanship. All of these characteristics were in exemplary form as RPCF laced up their boots and hit the floor to meet CrossFit Driftwood, a newer CrossFit gym from Burnaby.

We were shy 3 of the women, so most of the heavy lifting rested squarely on Leah’s OH Squat, and she did not disappoint.
WOD #1 was a Metcon/Strength hybrid. In the 1st two minutes 4 members from each team had to crank out as many couplets of: 3 X Knees-to-Arms, 3 X Pull-Ups. The catch? You could not break up the 3 reps. Not a big deal for the crew from RPCF. In the remaining 6 minutes, each member on the team shot for a 3RM Overhead Squat. A strategical factor was a 1.5 multiplier to women’s lifts. With OH Squats being a difficult lift to create any significant differences between men and women’s lifts, the advantage lay with having as many women complete the WOD. As mentioned, Leah was the only female on hand. At the end of the WOD we combined the total number of reps completed in part one with the total weight lifted in the 2nd half. RPCF narrowly edged Driftwood on the reps. But it was Leah’s 3RM OH squat that won us the WOD with a new 10 pound PR!!!
The final WOD would be a long one. 4 members from the team were called to the floor. It would be a “Girls Gauntlet”. In turn, a team member would complete a Girl WOD in it’s entirety. Only when completed could the next team member start their WOD. The WODs and assignments were:
Fran – Sean
Jackie – Marc
Amanda – Al
Karen – Mark
From the onset, RPCF made no mistake and established a sizable lead on Fran. Simpson’s determination scored him a very respectable 4:39 Fran. His Driftwwod counterpart came in at 8:30. With nearly a 4-minute lead RPCF dominated the remainder of the WOD, completing the entire sequence a good 8 minutes faster than Driftwood.
Of the 11 points up for grabs, RPCF clinched 10 of them securing the win.
Once again, Captain Mark Paddock showed the sportsmanship becoming of a team leader and joined the final Driftwood competitor on his final 80 wallballs. His encouragement was infectious and everyone on hand encircled the 2 in counting down the final reps. Thanks Mark for reminding us of this great community we are a part of.
With the win, RPCF finishes the regular season in first place! Next step is the CAL PLayoffs taking place August 9th at CrossFit New West. Action gets underway at 9AM. We’ll keep you posted of details as the date approaches.

We’re Breaking the Rules

I’ve a special gal in my life.  She’s one of my personal training clients.  So far, she’s lost over 30 pounds.  She’s increased her loads on her deadlifts by 50%, she’s managed to add more volume to her metabolic conditioning workouts,  and she gets benchmark workouts completed, not seconds, but minutes quicker than when she started.

“Great”, you say.  “I mean, isn’t that your job to coach someone to those achievements?” It is.  But what makes this woman so special is…… she is on her 80th trip around the sun!

marg-benchBefore I continue, I can’t take the credit for Margaret’s rapid progress in her training.  Margaret has the right attitude, she was already following Paleo before she arrived, she gets into the pool twice a week to do the rehab work that is necessary for her titanium knees, she walks every day, and every other day she is involved with her church, choir, and family.

And her friends think she’s “off her nut”.

Why shouldn’t they? Octogenarians aren’t supposed to show up in CrossFit gyms twice a week.  They shouldn’t be hurling medicine balls at their trainers, or doing inclined bench press, or ERG intervals, or swinging a kettlebell.

marg-pressI guess Margaret and I missed the memo.  When she arrived on the first day I think I was more nervous than she was.  This was uncharted territory for me.  We spoke at great length about why she was wanting to do this, what she was doing prior to this, and what we needed to consider as far as medical conditions and past surgeries.  It turned out Margaret had already started training during the last month when she visited her son (a neurosurgeon) in North Carolina, who encouraged her to try out his gym, CrossFit Amplitude.  There, a great coach, Sebastien got her started.

I’ve slowly added and modified different movements to Margaret’s repertoire as I see improvements in her range of motion and strength.  “Experimenting” is a term I’d hate to use.  But I’m thrilled to see Margaret’s improvements, and the coach in me wants to move her towards realising what she is capable of.  No, we’ll likely never do a Snatch.  We’ll never lay hands on a pull-up bar.  But we will achieve her goal, something we all take for granted: To be able to lower herself to the floor and stand back up without assistance.

We’re close.  She can lower herself to a 9″ seat from the ground then get up again. The other day Margaret started discussing her next goal, to be able to get back on a bicycle. In the meantime, we thoroughly enjoy the process of working towards those goals.  Margaret-DL

Here’s what one of Margaret’s previous sessions looked like:

WARMUP       800m Walk

STRENGTH    Deadlift from blocks, 8x 45lb, 8x 55lb, 6x 65lb, 6x 70lb

WOD   Jackie:  300m Row,  30KB Swings 8lb, 15 Ring Rows Time= 6:34

COOLDOWN   4 Minute Walk


marg-ringsI used to brag about my Mom (I still do), how at the age of 65, having no athletic background her entire life and a 2-time cancer survivor, started doing CrossFit and over the past three years experienced the same wonderful increases in work capacity a person in their 20’s experiences.  I’m afraid Margaret has trumped my Mom.  And here I have living proof that no matter when you start CrossFit, your body will respond and adapt, improve and provide a better living.  The body doesn’t need to go into shut down when you start collecting Old Age Security.


I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to train Margaret.  I’ll keep you posted on her progress. In the meantime, consider your goals.  Picture yourself on your 80th turn around the sun.  What’s your life going to be like? What you do now will shape that future.

Be Fit.  Love Life.
P.S. Since writing the above, Margaret has hit a huge milestone. She became an official CrossFitter this week when she completed Fran! 21-15-9 Thrusters and Pull-Ups. In our case, the thruster was a sit to a bench with a dowel. Margaret did Ring Rows in place of Pull-Ups. It was one of the longest workouts she’s done at 8:24. As we went for our cooldown walk afterwards she stated “I did good. Didn’t I?”


Margaret and a proud Coach

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