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June 28th Weekend Wrap-Up

We had a few busy Rocky Point CrossFit members out in the Lower Mainland putting their training to the test.

A big CONGRATULATIONS to Katrina Smith and Mike Frydenlund who both brought home hardware from the 43rd Annual Sea Festival Opens.BCWA hardwareKatrina was competing in the Women’s 69 KG class. Employing a Power Snatch and a huge Clean & Jerk (179lbs), Katrina clinched the Gold, her total combined weight a massive 7KG over the 2nd place finisher. Mike left nothing on the table and ventured into PR territory in a chess-like finish with his closest competitor. It came down to a kilogram and Mike was edged out and went home with the Silver. Great news, both have qualified for the BC Provincial Championships that will take place in December. There are still 2 qualifying events between now and then, so if anybody has any interest in giving Oly Comps a shot, you still have plenty of time (Pssst…get in on Parm’s next Oly Seminar first)


I (Coach Tom) completed the 2nd event on his summer list by running in the Scotiabank half marathon.  The first 10K were fast and easy. By kilometer 11, the novelty had worn off and the running got tough. I slid from a 1:42.30 pace to a 1:51 finish. Still good enough to place him 680 out of a field of 3950. Expect a breakdown of the run and tips for you if you plan on doing any longer distance races in your future.

Are you competing in a race or event in the future? Let me know. I’d love to include your story in our blog. Of course next weekend is PentathaWOD. We have a lot of people in the gym (very proud of you) competing so there will be lots of stories to tell next week.Tomhalf

Canwest Affiliate League – Week 1 Action

Rocky Point CrossFit sent it’s team, “Chalk Dirty to Me”, to the edges of Cloverdale last night to face the host, CrossFit Cloverdale in the first week of Canwest Affiliate League action.

Canwest Affiliate League

Final Strategy discussion among Team “Chalk Dirty to Me”

The team consisting of Captain Mark Paddock, Leah Jensen, Marc Edgett, Manon Virag, Beth Huel, Alex McNairn and Sean Simpson stepped into the box and finalized their strategies.

The competition consisted of 3 separate workouts. WOD#1 called 4 members of each team to complete AMREP 2 Minutes: Backsquat (155/115) followed immediately by AMREP 1 minute: knees-2-arms.

Alex, Leah and Beth demonstrated machine-like technique and steadily racked up the reps. The rig had a unique paint finish. Combine that with the heat and the sweat from the 2 minutes of back squats and you have a bar that’s hard to hold onto when one is partially inverted. Marc Edgett may have earned himself a new nickname as he took to the bar for his knees-2-arms. With 6 seconds left on the clock, Marc lost his grip and fell 8 feet to the floor below, flush on his back.

Gasps from the audience followed by silence for a few heartbeats until Simpson called out “Nice dismount!”

WOD#2 required 2 pairs from each team to alternate 21-15-9 Wallballs and Burpees. It was a tight race with CrossFit Cloverdale on the first 21 Wallballs. Then RPCF demonstrated the result of hard training and quickly pulled away from the competition with their burpees. Manon and Leah showed superior fitness cruising through all 45 of their burpees as though it were a warmup. Towards the end of the WOD, RPCF had a 30 Burpee lead.

The final WOD brought 4 members from each team onto the floor. Between them they had 8 minutes to complete: 2000M Row, 100 KB Swings, 100 Pullups. Once again, RPCF’s training and technical savvy turned the WOD into a runaway win. Beth tossed up the KBS like confetti and Sean’s use of the butterfly quickly reduced the 100 pullups. This left the row to Marc and Mark. After a quick pelvis readjustment by Marc’s girlfriend, Shannon, Marc pulled off a row typical of the pace he’s known for in the gym. Captain Mark brought the ERG all the way home, at times lifting the front of the rower off the floor with torquey pulls.

When the chalk had settled and the WOD results fed through CAL’s quantum score tabulator, RPCF had a decisive 10-1 win.

Many RPCF faithful were in the audience for this great first night of CAL action. The competition resumes the week after PentathaWOD when “Chalk Dirty to Me” heads to CrossFit New West.

Warm Up For Crossfit Athletes

Warm Up For Crossfit Athletes:

The warm up is often a place of confusion for many Crossfit athletes. Questions like “How long should it take?” or  “What should I do?” or “Do I stretch or do I move?” come up frequently. This article tries to address some of the common questions about warming up and points to resources to help you develop your own warm up routine, suitable to your goals and allotted training time.

At Meadow Ridge Crossfit we generally like to have our athletes perform their own pre-warm up and then we get into a more dynamic warm up with higher skill, involving some body weight movements and gymnastics routines. Then we prep movement for the strength work that is programmed for that day. It’s worked well for us over the years but there is an even better method. However, before deciding on a warm up, you have to ask yourself how much time are you willing to dedicate to training, and what is the most effective use of your time?

For me, factors like how intense the workout ahead of me is, how much free time I have that day, and how important the training session is, will all affect how I design my personal warm ups. If time is not an issue for you and you have upwards of an hour to prep for training, I would recommend the following routine:

  • 10-15mins Trigger Point Release Therapy | MWOD
  • 5-10mins General Monostructural
  • 10-15mins General Dynamic Warm Up
  • 10-15mins Targeted Movement Prep For That Day’s WOD

Lets break down each one of these areas:

Trigger Point Release Therapy | MWOD:
Goal: Release, lengthen, and prep muscles / Improve movement efficiency / Increase blood flow.
Examples: Foam rollers, ball smashing, barbell rolling, etc. 100’s of examples can be found at

General monostructural cardio:
Goal: Get blood flowing, heart rate up / initial heart rate spike, breathing rate increased.
Examples: Rowing, running, skipping, high step / heel strike, biking, etc.

General Dynamic Warm Up:
Goals: Central Nervous System activation, Place joints and muscles through full range of motion and prepare them for more intense exercise.
Examples: Arm swings, air squats, lunges, mountain climbers, push ups, dips, pull ups, sit ups, leg swings, hip rotations, burpees, oly lifts with dowel, hollow rocks, etc.

Targeted Movement Prep For That Days WOD:
Goal: Full activation of CNS, Prepare movement patterns to withstand heavy loads and intensity.
Examples: If you were doing 5×5 of 225# deadlifts, start with hip extensions, then light barbell deadlifts, then a set of 10 reps at 135#, then a set of 5 reps at 185#, then a set of 2 reps at 205#, then 2 at 215#, and now perform your set of 5×5 heavy at 225#.

If you are pressed for time and can’t fit it all in, remove the TTP therapy first, then the cardio, then the dynamic, but never remove the movement prep. Like I mentioned, at Crossfit Meadow Ridge we always program a dynamic gymnastic warm up and some strength work to follow. Those that are prepped and ready for the strength work will see faster gains and those that aren’t generally use this time as movement prep for the WOD and intensity portion of our training.

Josh Everett has an excellent Crossfit Journal video that not only explains this full warm up in detail, but it also shows some great examples of how you can design your own. Below is a 2min preview of the entry:

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask or feel free to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our world class coaches.

– Coach Clark

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