May Newsletter

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  • Rocky Point Tough Mudder Team
  • Festivus – April 2017
  • CanWest Games Qualifiers
  • Rowing Clinic
  • Nutrition Guide
  • New Coaches

It’s May! Here’s to longer days and not having to crank up the heat before the 6AM class gets started (nothing like a cold bar to get your blood moving). We’ll be able to work in a little more running, keep the doors open and get outdoor BFIT days organized.

Rocky Point Tough Mudder Team
Speaking of outdoors, I’ve got myself registered to do Canada’s Toughest Mudder on June 17th. It starts at Midnight and goes until 8AM. In that time I’ve got to complete as many loops of a 5 mile obstacle course as possible. If anyone is feeling the urge to test their fitness with me, let me know. If not (and I don’t blame you…what have I got myself into?) have you considered doing the regular or half Tough Mudder? It’d be great to put a Rocky Point team together.  If the team ran on Sunday I’d jump in with you after a little nap! Talk to myself or Patrick about joining the team.

Also, if you have any friends who are planning on doing the Tough Mudder with you, tell them to get prepared! Otherwise you are going to be standing around freezing your tail waiting for them to catch up to you. Tell them about the Rocky Point Tough Mudder camp. Quick basic training to prep them for the rigours of the race. If they sign up, you can join them in the camp for free!

Festivus April 2017
We ran Festivus on April 22nd. It was an absolute pleasure to see so many from Rocky Point participate. I love Festivus. It’s the sort of event that you don’t need to commit additional time to prepare for or recover from. Hitting up the Group Class 3 or 4 times a week, taking the occasional Power Class and you’re all set. And thanks so much to everyone that volunteered to help with judging, equipment and keeping the energy upbeat. The next one is in October; this will be a partner competition. We’ll give Rocky Point plenty of early notice before we open it up to the rest of the Lower Mainland community. We’ve been through a lot of photos and polished up the first batch of RP people. We just posted an album on FB.

CanWest Games Qualifiers
The CanWest Games Qualifiers kick off later this week. We’ve got 5 weeks with a new WOD each week. We’ll get together on Saturday mornings to help each other out. This Saturday we’ll kick things off with a BBQ. If you have not registered, take a look and use the code TomSentYa. We’ve got a category for all age groups; the Scaled divisions have customized WODs.

Rowing Clinic
Patrick is just about to wrap up his first rowing clinic. I spoke with many who took part and everyone experienced improvements in their technique. Things I never knew. I asked one who was putting tape on the rail on the rower what he was doing. “Oh I’m marking the spot where Patrick is allowing me to roll to on the in stroke”. Seemed to work, as his 500M row at Festivus was is fastest. My cousin from CF Chiliwack took a whopping 10 seconds off her 500M row at Festivus using Patrick’s advice. We’ll be organizing the next rowing clinic to start in the near future.

Nutrition Guide
Nutrition is the most important aspect in a person’s health. “You are what you eat” and “You can’t out-train bad nutrition” are 100% true. Trouble is, there is so much conflicting information out there as to what you should be eating. Just like my workout routine, I look at my nutrition strategy as “Is this something I can maintain everyday for the rest of my life?” Whenever I feel myself straying, I always revert back to what got me such great results when I first started CrossFit 8 years ago. Simplicity. If you haven’t had a look recently, review The Whole 9 Nutrition Guide. Share with everyone at home and in your workplace. A simple strategy that works.

New Coaches
Leah Jensen and Rosilyn Tegart have been working incredibly hard on their Coach Apprenticeship. They have already started several 1-on-1 PT sessions and are finding their voice training the class. If you know someone who might benefit from their unique coaching perspective please let me know.

Happy May Day everyone! Stay tuned to Wodify for breaking news and event updates.

See you at the gym.


Halfway Through The CrossFit Opens


It’s official! 16.3 is behind us and that puts us into the last half of The Opens.

How has it been for you?

2016 is the second year that CrossFit has had a scaled division. I love it. I love seeing all of you push aside fear and give it your all. The great results have been exactly as I hoped. Here’s a quick look at the men and women that have been competing Scaled in this year’s Opens.

Before starting one of the heats I asked one of the women, “How are you feeling?”

“Good! This feels like it’s the Olympics!”.

And that’s the terrifying and alluring aspect of doing these WODs. You do many workouts a week. They are pretty much the same thing you experience in the Opens. But add one person with a clipboard and a handful of spectators and it becomes a whole new experience. There’s always the threat of failure in the middle of a regular WOD, but now you have a judge who’ll note the exact time you fail. At least that’s what we think. Everyone has persevered. And that always puts a big smile on my face. To see you get to the edge of your comfort zone, then take a step beyond it. Your realm of experience grows and grows each time you experience an Open WOD. Congratulations. 2 more to go!

There were a few notable items from this past weekend.

Sonny Sarai, while practicing a Chest to Bar pullup, demonstrated the not-so-effective standard of Teeth-To-Bar pullups. Three pieces of veneer ricocheted from the bar. Not knowing better, the pieces were collected and put on ice. Fortunately Dr Herberts was on the scene. After a quick assessment, a reassured Sonny laughed it off, put forth a tremendous effort, then met Dr Herberts back at the shop for some unscheduled work. Mission accomplished. 16.3 in the books and a new grill to match. By the way, Dr Herberts had a great result. The Dr currently sits in 16th in Canada West in the RX Men 55-59 Division.

Our amazing new Coach, Janel, remains the top athlete in our gym. Week after week Janel has left the men scratching their heads trying to figure out how to catch her. So far there hasn’t been a movement to stump her. She has no weak spots. A testament to all to “WORK ON WHAT YOU SUCK AT!” When you focus on improving your weaknesses your overall performance will improve. Thanks for setting the bar so high Janel!

Robert Davie performed one of the most spectacular bar dismounts since Burgandy fell from the heavens last year in CAL. In gymnastics, a “Kip” is defined as the required maneuver to translate horizontal energy into vertical energy. With a bit too much chalk on his hands, Robbie generated significant horizontal energy but lost his grip at a crucial moment. Rather than moving vertically, Robbie defined a shallow parabola through space. The open bay door provided a lovely backdrop to Robbie’s physics experiment that concluded that gravity is always on. Robbie dusted himself off and got back to the WOD. Tough as nails!!!!!!

2016 marked the first year of the “Bar Muscle-Up”. With that gymnastic standard satisfied you might conclude that the Ring Muscle-Up has been shelved until next year. Stay tuned. I wouldn’t put it past HQ to ensure you have a clear sail for the final two WODs. My prediction? A wallball, Ring MuscleUp combo. My hat goes off (if I wore a hat) to everyone that put in 10 Sntaches then spent 6 minutes on getting that first Bar Muscle Up. So close for all of you! It’s that display of effort that gets a crusty old coach a little misty.

Before looking at the top RX standings in RPCF, I’d just like to point out, never in the 6 years that Rocky Point has been doing this have our women been so good. The evolution of the Opens has been rapid. In our experience, there were many Open WODs in the past that the RPCF women were not able to complete. Be it the  weight too much or the gymnastics too difficult. This is not the case in 2016! There are many women, and more developing, that are building the foundation for a very strong future. Keep it up!

Below are the top 10 RX athletes in RPCF.
Alright the Opens are almost done. Great news, the Competition season is just around the corner. There are numerous CrossFit events that run from April until November. There is Festivus that will be right here at RPCF in April and October. This is the first you are hearing of it, RPCF will be running it’s annual July Long Weekend Event again in 2016. It has been called PentathaWOD for the last three years. After long discussions, minor arguments, and a lot of sushi Errol and Tom are reformating the 2 day event and renaming it The CanWest Games. Stay tuned, more information to come.

There are also all of these events to consider as well (The Kamloops Event – Sweatfest is a blast!)

Crossfit Games West Regional – Portland: End of May

604 Throwdown – Vancouver:

Festivus x 2 – April 14th & October ?

Stones & Strength – Squamish: End of June

The CanWest Games – July 2nd & 3rd

Sweatfest – Natural Strength Crossfit – Kamloops: August 5th-7th

Confederation Cup – Crossfit Burnaby: End of August

Nutts Cup – Crossfit Vancouver:  End of August

BeachCity Benchmark – BCCF – Beginning of September

Reuben’s Throwdown – Port Moody: Mid September

Wodtoberfest – Bodyshop Crossfit – West Kelowna: Mid October

Fraser Valley Throwdown – Abbotsford: End of October

CF South Delta – Mid-November

Winter Challenge – Richmond: Mid November

CFBC Masters – Vancouver: End of November

Canadian Affiliate League – Spring – Summer and Fall Leagues

We’ll keep you posted as these events approach, but keep in mind these events sell out fast! They are a lot of fun! Have a great week of training. We’ll see you at the gym.



The Month In Review

This post started off as a little re-cap of the weekend and as I was browsing through all the pics it became clear that the last 30 days have been incredibly busy for Rocky Point!!! So here we go! The last 30 days in review!

The 5th Annual RPCFO Challenage erupted in Richmond. Our sister gym CF Overdrive played host to what had to have been the most spectacular comp we’ve ever run. What started in 2011 with a few RPCF members paying a visit to Overdive and CFO returning the favour the next year has evolved into an annual tradition that pits the two gyms newbies, intermediates and fire-breathers against each other.  A complex scoring system, requiring a quantum computer, is used to track the scoring. Not only are we playing for strutting rights, but a valuable piece of hardware called the RPCFO Challenage Trophy, forged in a mythical East Indian tailor/bookkeeper’s secret workshop.12376735_1101658849868787_8903439127609429558_n

The WODs were intense. Everyone on both sides of the floor brought their “A” game. For many in Div 3, this was their very first time experiencing the competition floor. So hats off and high 5s to all of RPCFs new members who dipped their toes in the bizarre world of “Exercising as fast as you can”. Kinda fun isn’t it?

We had the rare pleasure of seeing a mother/daughter duo in the same competition. The lovely Rosemary showed the intensity that has obviously been passed down to her Valkyrie daughter, Deanna. Love it!


When the chalk had settled, and the quantum computer brought up to 88 MPH and rebooted, the results lay in CF Overdrive’s favour. RPCF 157 points. CFO 167 points. The trophy remains by Marco Tan’s bedside until 2016 when we’ll do it all over again.

Katrina Smith put months of training and dedication on the line this past Saturday at the BC Weightlifting Association Provincial Championship. Next time you see her, let her know how awesome she is for being the 2nd best 69KG Olympic Lifter in the entire province! She’s also available certain weekends to assist in moving pianos & sofas. Love ya Kat! We had no doubt you’d crush this comp!


We put the call out to the community to help raise some bux to go towards the BC Kids Hospital Christmas Drive. And the community got behind it! Thanks to you we raised around $1000. We went on a the funnest Christmas Shopping Spree ever.

“Do we get the Number Lovin’ Oven?”

“Hell ya!”

We deliver the spoils on Monday. Once again, thanks so much for helping out. Love ya!

An exhausted Pearl after unloading the Toy Cart

An exhausted Pearl after unloading the Toy Cart

Towards the end of November our Wednesday Night Yoga Instructor, Deidre Sirianni, organized and led a Yoga/Surf retreat to Nicaragua. Lots of fun and lots of help provided to a local English Learning Center. A great success and likely to happen again next year. We’ll let you know when it happens so you can join in on the next one.


Your very own Coach Errol Clark became the first coach in Western Canada to challenge and pass the new and incredibly difficult CrossFit Level 3 Trainers Exam. This is no joke and only the best trainers in the world will be able to achieve this. Super proud to have him as our Head Coach.


Coach Tom stepped onto the floor at the BC Masters Challenge and finished 4th out of a field of 20. Events included max burpees over bar followed by 2RM Thrusters, 5 RFT Snatch, HSPU and Bar MuscleUp and concluded with who could nod off the quickest in an easy chair.


Big Johnathan Peters defied the odds and completed one of the toughest challenges in North America, the 2015 World’s Toughest Mudder. Here’s Johnny finishing another Lap in the middle of the night. A quick trip to the tent to ponder if he’s out of his bloody mind, change his socks, eat a cliff bar, sob quietly for a minute or two, then back out onto the course. Great going Johnathan! If anybody else is feeling as screwy next November, let us know, we should consider a team effort.


Patty attended a boardroom meeting and had difficulty staying awake.


We saw loads of new members graduate from Foundations into the Group Class. Here’s just a few below. Be sure to make them feel at home and not to feel intimidated if they happen to see Katrina doing Clean & Jerks.



Josh & Jess

Josh & Jess







The RPCF CAL Team ventured into the boonies to compete in the CAL Playoffs at Hybrid Athletics. Here they are below showing true dedication to the “Best Dressed Team” category. CAL will be running again in the Winter. Stay tuned for details as we’ll most likely be entering 1 or 2 teams.

CAL Finals

Troy expels a bug during his bike ride.

Troy expels a bug during his bike ride.

We put out  a Search Party for Stephen Sun at the beginning of the month. He later turned up in a selfie. Holy transformations Batman! Great job Stephen. Your dedication and discipline are an inspiration!



PRS? We’re absolutely lousy with PRs!!!!!! Every time we turned around someone was breaking a personal record in their Lifts, Metcons and Gymnastics. Cap’n Paddock lifted the equivalent of a Kia off the ground, Dr Feelgood flipped the bird at middle age and cranked out 5 unbroken MuscleUps and the Coachboard was lit up every day with yellow PR badges.

500lb MU DR Feelgood 6AM PR

Finally, several years ago Brian McArthur wrestled and conquered the Big C. This guy is as tough as nails and one of the nicest gentlemen you’ll ever meet. Earlier this month he knocked his 400th WOD outta tha gym! Inspirational!!!!! Love ya Brian. Here’s to another 400!


We want to hear your good news. Are you doing something amazing? Have you hit a milestone? Let us know!