Vancouver Fire & Rescue Recruiting

I received the following today. I’m passing it along to all interested members in the gym. Good luck!


Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services are looking forward to our next recruitment process and as you have either previously indicated an interest in our Recruitment process, or are in a position to know some high quality candidates, I would like to take this opportunity to share details of our upcoming process with you.

We will be accepting of applications, by mail or courier only from August 4th to 18th this year.  There are a number of changes to our process this year which include the requirement for C-PAT BC Driving License Class 3 with air brake endorsement as well as the requirement for an applicant to be a licensed First Responder level 3 or higher at time of application. Also new is a 2 day ride along will now be part of our selection in order to hire the very best candidates. Attached to this e-mail, you will find a poster inviting suitably qualified men and women to apply for a career position with Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services.

We encourage all interested parties, to refer to our Guide for Applicants which is available on our website at  and to submit their applications.

On behalf of our Fire Chief, John McKearney, I would like to thank you in advance for giving this information as wide a distribution as possible.


Make Tom Parker Go Away….To L.A.

A precious resource for the successful execution of these sorts of Events are judges. No question, these men and women have the most stressful job of the day, they can’t relax and enjoy the events around them as they have to remain focused on repetitive tasks, and they do it for free!!!!!!!! Be sure to thank a judge today. They’d love to be competing or watching the action, but instead they have to be crouched down ensuring legit reps


Our Head Judge for PentathaWOD is Tom Parker (He’s married to “Veronica” from the Team Betty & Veronica). Tom has been a member of Rocky Point for over 3 years. He’s an avid competitor and a generous volunteer. He’s decisive and fair and that’s why we are grateful to have him on our floor today. These are the same reasons why CrossFit HQ selected Tom to be a judge at the upcoming CrossFit Games. TomP2

It should come as no surprise that CrossFit HQ relies heavily on volunteers for the successful execution of the Big Show. They’ll feed and clothe Tom, but he’s got to get there and secure lodging on his own dime. We’d be grateful if you could spare a few dollars to Make Tom Parker Go Away to L.A. We’ll have a jar at the gym for you to deposit a fiver or fin. We’ll also be running a 50/50 draw over the course of the weekend. Or if you have become part of the cashless society you can send him some bux through PayPal. Use the email address:



Attention Members


Attention Members, our daily workouts and community information will no longer be posted to this blog. You can find the info in your personalized app. If you haven’t got your app configured on your smart phone or have simply lost your login information, please speak to you coach and they’ll get you all set up. Thanks!