Happy New Years

Happy New Years! Hope you all had a wonderful New Years. Get ready for 2012!

Here is something to think about while you lounge on the couch nursing a Gateorade.


Check out the Nutrition challenge info! (see post below)


January 2012 Nutrition Challenge

There was a lot of talk around the gym between Christmas and New years about how crappy people felt after eating lousy food during the holidays. The idea behind this challenge is to not lose weight. It’s to open your eyes to how much of a difference eating Paleo makes in your lives. Not just your performance in CrossFit (which will improve vastly) but to how much better you are going to feel, how much more energy you are going to have, how much better you will sleep.

Scroll through older entries in this Nutrition Blog for the foods you should be eating and avoiding, how Paleo works and a dynamite Paleo cookbook. Trust me, you wont be wanting for delicious food that is easy to make and a cinch to pack for lunch.

As usual, we will have a Paleo Grid on the wall. Write your name on the board and start keeping a log of your daily meals. Scoring will be as follows:

Four Points: You are a hunter-gatherer. You eat nothing but meat, veggies, some fruit, nuts and seeds.
Three Points: One time during the day, you had a little something that wasn’t paleo, but wasn’t horrible. Examples: Dried Fruit, Most Condiments (bbq, soy sauce, ketchup, mayo, salad dressing), Peanuts, Whey Protein, Hummus, Cream in Coffee, etc…
Two Points: You slipped…but didn’t get hurt. You had a small amount of “not real food”. Maybe it was a fully Paleo day, but you couldn’t resist having a beer at the family BBQ, or you finished your kids mac ‘n cheese, but the rest of your day was solid. Examples: 1 beer/glass of wine, dinner rolls, a handful of fries/chips, rice, etc…

One Point: Most of your day was Paleo, but there was one full meal that you fell off the wagon. Examples: Pasta, Pizza, more than one Pop/Juice/alcohol, bag of popcorn, etc…

Zero Points: You had a bad day and made more than one solid mistake. Examples: You had a couple slices of pizza and beer.

1. You get one extra bonus point for everyday you participate in a CrossFit workout. We believe rewarding people for being at Rocky Point CrossFit will serve two purposes. First the more you are at the CrossFit the more support and exposure you will have during the Nutrition Challenge. Being around others that are going through the same experiences you are will enhance your chances of success. Second, the benefits of Paleo are magnified when combines with training program that combines constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. Train Hard. Eat Clean. Live Life.

2. You can get an additional bonus point for every night you sleep more than eight hours. Proper sleep has been associated with everything from faster recovery, better mental focus, to more Human Growth Hormone production. We believe this is one of the greatest factors in improved health and want to reward those that are getting their zzzz’s.

3. And yet another bonus point for taking 3 grams of fish oil. Fish oil is a significant source of the Omega-3 fatty acids DHA and EPA. These fatty acids improve blood flow and reduce inflammation. This enables an athlete to train harder and recover faster.

The person that tallies up the most points will be declared winner and will be awarded a free month’s membership.


Turkey-Cranberry Patties

Getting sick of eating eggs for breakfast? Here is a gobbelicious treat!

Turkey-Cranberry Patties


– 1 lb ground turkey (Thifty’s has it on sale right now)
– 1 cup of cranberries
– 4 green onions – finely chopped
– 3 large mushrooms – finely chopped
–  1 shallots– finely chopped
– 2 cloves minced garlic
– 2 egg yolk


  1. In a bowl combine all the ingredients.  Mix together with your hands and form 10 patties these work out to be a good medium sized.
  2. In a non-stick skillet, heat pan until hot and then add patties.
  3. Cook for 3 minutes per side.  Make sure the pattie is cooked throughout.
(I like to make smaller patties and freeze them, super easy for morning breakfast. Just take them out the night before to defrost.)
Inspired by: The Hills Foods order. They also have a burger called the Turkey-Cranberry. Make sure you take sometime and check them out. They are located in Coquitlam, you can also pick up an order from the gym.