Coquitlam Crossfit Coach Leah Jensen

Leah has been involved with Rocky Point Fitness since 2012.   As she got more into health and wellness, and a huge transformation in her personal life it helped her decide her to pursue coaching as a career in 2016. She completed her first Crossfit certification in 2016 eager to get started with the apprentice program at Rocky Point Crossfit and hasn’t looked back.  She is goal driven,compassionate, and highly dedicated to leading by example.

Leah has worked with over 60 clients from all walks of life, inspiring them to develop healthy habits and make long-term changes to their lives.  She will work with you to achieve whatever goal you are pursuing.


  • 5 + Years Crossfit Experience

  • Certified Level 2 CrossFit Trainer 

  • Certified Level 1 Crossfit Trainer

  • Precision Nutrition Level 1 

  • Certified Emergency first aid, CPR level C and OFA