Our Professional Coaches Will Help You Achieve Your Goals Safely And Effectively


At RPCF we understand the difficulties in deciding who will be the right coach for you. Questions frequently come to mind like:

  • Will your personalities match or clash?
  • Will they have the experience and expertise to help you achieve success?
  • Will they understand your specific needs and desires?

When considering a new coach we suggest that you ask the following key questions to ensure you enter into a successful and lasting relationship:

  • Ask how many years of experience they have?
  • How many clients have they produced results for?
  • Who did they apprentice under and how many hours did it take to achieve their current coaching status?
  • What is their background in athletics and education?
  • Are they willing to let you speak to some of their current clients and do they have an extensive list of testimonials?
  • What role models and mentors helped shape their philosophy?

All The coaches of Rocky Point Crossfit will gladly answers these questions and can do so with confidence. Rocky Point CrossFit Coaches have years of experience coaching athletes and new coaches. Rocky Point CrossFit has a thorough coach apprentice program that trains new coaches on the complexities of becoming an exceptional coach. Apprentices have to spend hundreds of hours shadowing their mentor coach; they must pass exams (written by the SFU Kineisology department) on anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, coaching cues, nutrition and programming, to name a few; and they themselves are overseen by senior coaches for the first 12 months. We know that developing excellent coaches will in turn develop excellent athletes.




Our Coaches


Coach Errol Clark


  • 10 + Years Experience
  • Over 8000 Coaching Hours
  • Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer CCFT (1st in Western Canada / Currenty only 331 trainers are L3 certified out of 117368 active Crossfit trainers)
  • Certified level 2 Crossfit Trainer
  • Certified level 1 Crossfit Trainer
  • Certified OPEX Assessment
  • Certified OPEX Program Design
  • Certified OPEX Lifestyle Coaching
  • Certified OPEX Nutrition
  • Certified Crossfit Lesson Planning Course
  • Certified Crossfit Scaling Course
  • Certified Crossfit Spot The Flaw Course
  • Certified Naka Athletics Freestyle Movement
  • FMS Level 1 Certified
  • Certified TPT Instructor
  • Certified Expert Rating Personal Trainer
  • Certified Expert Rating Sports Nutritionist
  • Certified Emergency first aid, CPR level C and AED
  • Certified OFA
  • NCCP multi-sport module A
  • Completion of Lower Extremity Pro-section Anatomy with Somatic Explorations

Coach Clark's Bio


Coach Tom Smith


  • 8+ Years Experience
  • Over 8000 Coaching Hours
  • Certified Level 1 & Level 2 Crossfit Trainer
  • Certified Crossfit Kettle Bell Trainer
  • Certified Naka Athletics Freestyle Movement
  • Certified OFA
  • Ranked Top 5% Worldwide – CrossFit Games Opens – Masters Division 40-44
  • OCR Competitor

Coach Smith's Story

Coach Aaron Olson

  • 3 + Years Experience
  • Over 6000 Coaching Hours
  • Certified Level 1 & Level 2 Crossfit Trainer

Aaron is a longtime member of Rocky Point. Like Ty, Aaron fell in love with CrossFit and the Rocky Point Community. Prior to CrossFit, Aaron was a professional paintball player. After 2 NPPL championships Aaron ran Maple Ridge Paintball. On December 26th 2015 Aaron ran his first Group Class and immediately earned a reputation for running a great session. Aaron has the 6AM class on Tuesday and Thursday, the Power Class Friday night and the 9AM on Saturday morning.
Favorite Girl WOD and Why  Jackie. 1000m row. 50 thrusters #45. 30 pull-ups. All the elements of a great benchmark ..the strategy of the row combined with classic push/pull movements
Current Goal 
400lb back squat
300lbs front squat
250 Clean & Jerk
200lbs Snatch
Favourite BFIT Day  Paintball. Shoot your friends!
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Coach Colby Treliving


  • Bsc Kinesiology
  • 2 + Years Experience
  • Over 1000 Coaching Hours
  • Certified level 1 Crossfit Trainer

Coach Colby's Bio


Coach Dr Andrea Sywak


  • Dr In Chiropractic
  • Lower Extremity Pro-section Anatomy
  • Certified OFA

Coach Sywak's Bio


Coach Parm Phangura


  • 10+ Years Experience
  • National Olympic Weightlifting Champion
  • 2x Common Wealth Games Competitor
  • Certified OFA

Coach Phangura's Bio


Coach Nathon Taylor


  • M.Sc.Kinesiology (Simon Fraser University,2008)
  • NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)
  • 10+ Years Experience
  • B.Sc. Kinesiology (University of Michigan, 2005)
  • Common Wealth Games Medalist
  • 2x Crossfit Games Regional Competitor

Coach Taylor's Bio


Coach Sophia Phangura


  • Multiple Time National Champion
  • 2009 Canadian Championships – Bronze medal
  • 2006 Canadian Championships – Silver medal
  • 10+ Years Experience

Coach Sophia's Bio