On Saturday I, Tom, went up against some of BC’s best 40-49 year olds. There were some big boys in this field! I’ve been in loads of comps, but this was my first one going individual. I was a nervous wreck

The first WOD was a 2MIN AMRAP Bar over burpee, followed immediately by a 2RM Hang Squat Clean Thruster. I came out of that one in 3rd place.

WOD 2 was a 1000M row followed by 21-15-9 sumo deadlift high pull and push press. I slipped to 9th on that one. I played that one a little too conservative. I took timed rests when I should have been giving it my all. Lesson learned.

The 3rd WOD was an exhausting chipper with a 12 minute time cap (You get to do it next week)

50 Double Unders
40 KB Swings (American 53#)
30 Wallballs 20#
20 Toes 2 Bar
10 Box Steps
20 Toes 2 Bar
30 Wallballs
40 KB Swings
50 Double Unders

I watched one of my competitors in a heat before mine and saw him slamming the toes2bar while the others slowed right down. This was the point int the WOD to make it or break it. So with Hot Toddy shouting at me the whole WOD I pushed a furious pace, got through the toes 2 bar and was the first one in the whole event to get the WOD done under the time cap. (3 other guys did after me)


I did real well. Better than I hoped and now sat in 4th place and qualified for the finals. This caught me by surprise and I got real anxious. Did I have one more in me? So I went out for a nervous walk and was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude. I was damn fortunate to make it this far. Of course I was going to give it all I had. It was a great technical WOD:

6 Snatch (135#)
4 HSPU (Handstand Pushup)
2 Bar Muscle Up
10 Minute Cap

With my wife parked in front of me and Hot Toddy shouting himself hoarse I slipped into that tunnel-vision and ground it out. I didn’t realize I was in 3rd place until the final 15 seconds as I staggered to the 4 HSPUs. I tried 2, but ended up giving myself a pile driver. I slipped into the fourth, but I was elated.

Hats off to all the competitors. What a classy bunch of guys and gals. I’m grateful to have shared the day with them. It crystallized my reasons for doing CrossFit. Investing in my health and fitness, creating freedom for my future self. There were 2 guys there in their 60s, I didn’t believe it at first they looked dynamite,  and I knew that’s exactly what I wanted 20 years from now…how about 40 years from now?

The CAL playoffs were Sunday. We ended up 5th. We just missed going into the finals by 1 stinking point. I love my CAL team! They gave it all they had.

Robert hit his tempo on the row and pullups, Simpson was his usual awesome self, Beth pushed beyond her comfort zone, Dr Shore was amazing as always,

then Leah and Manon executed the most lovely PR Hang Snatches.

Leah’s PR Lift

Manon’s PR Lift

And Benoit was a champ:rode the assault bike to near puking then pulled off a 200lb Hang Snatch!


There will be a new CAL Season coming up in January or February. We’d love to put together a couple more teams for that season. Stay tuned.