I posted a photo a couple weeks ago and never planned on writing about it… but Then I realized that doesn’t make sense! The photo was of a delicious – and local – home cooked BBQ crab and vegetable skewer feast! Now sure that all sounds lovely and the photo captures the sumptuous end product… But getting to that point wasn’t your typical grocery shop!

I guess this meal started taking place at 2’oclock May 3oth after baiting up three stainless steel circular crab traps with fish heads (I learned from my friend, whose house we were at, that circular crab traps are better then your typical square trap, as crabs feel along the side of the trap and continue around the circle until they find an entrance and get caught – whereas with square traps a crab may feel along one side of it and continue in that straight direction without being caught). Once the traps were loaded in our “little tinny”, a 14ft aluminum boat, we motored off to choose special “feel good” locations. Dropping the traps it the easy part, driving the tiny boat was a challenge for me as I had no direction and I’m not very good at operating a boat. Needless to say my friends had a really good laugh. After choosing our special location we headed back to the house for a hike as we waited for our crabs.

Around 5pm we ventured back out to sea to bring up the traps. To give you an idea on what it feels like to bring up the traps, I would consider it to be at least 2 rope ascents while dodging red jellyfish tentacles on the way up…fun! Now here is the exciting part. I was told by my friend that if wanted to eat any of the crab I would have to kill at least one. I was so scared. I could even muster up the courage to pick one up out of the boat let alone kill one. I was thankful that he handed me the most docile crab of the bunch. We killed them right on the dock which made gutting and cleaning them super easy. Maybe next time I will record a video as it’s too many steps to blog about.


We brought a large pot of heavily salted water to boil and put the crab legs in. Brought it to a boil again for 8 minutes and then finished the legs on the BBQ for 5 minutes to crisp them up and get rid of excess moisture. The vegetables were lightly seasoned and grilled on the BBQ.

Can’t get much more fresh or local then that! 🙂