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Mobility WOD Alert! Since the CF Games Opens will be running on Saturday’s from 10AM until Noon, please be advised that we will be moving the mobility WOD to 9:30AM for the next 5 Saturdays. Sorry for the inconvenience!

There are only 8 spots left for our BFIT Day outing to Cliffhangers. Grab your spot pronto-like. Don’t leave us hanging! haha

The Friday Night Dodgeball club continues to grow. Errol has been taking some amazing action shots. Check them out here:

Coach Led – 10 min (No Measure)

Warmup movement and mobility
Listen up! Coach will explain the rules of clothespeg tag. Purple Nurple watch out!

Clothes Peg Tag (No Measure)

1./ Distribute 6-8 clothes tags to everyone.
2./ Ask everyone to affix clothes pegs on upper torso, making sure they are accessible to others.
3./ 3-2-1 go, everyone takes a peg off their body and tries to attach to someone else’s torso.
4./ 5 Minutes on the clock. Whoever has the fewest tags on them at the end is the winner.
6./ Play 2 rounds.

02262014 2009 Games in Revue Chipper (Time)

15 Power Snatch 95/75, 75/55, 45/15-35
30 Toes-to-Bar
30 Box Jumps/Steps 24/20
15 Power Snatch 95/75, 75/55, 45/15-35
30 Shoulder to Overhead 95/75, 75/55, 45/15-35
30 Double Unders
15 Thruster 95/75, 75/55, 45/15-35
30 Push Ups
30 Burpees
60 OH Walking Lung w/ plate 45/25, 25/10, none