Hot CrossFit Chick BacksquatKris looking fine in the backsquat!

All classes are a go this weekend. Remember we will be running the special OP MARITU HERO WOD at 11AM.

Today’s Workout

Most have you heard that we wanted run the CrossFit Total again. It’s been just over  a month since we ran this WOD. An in that time we have run a fairly intensive strength program. Time to test. Pull out your numbers from a month ago and let’s do this! If this is your first CrossFit Total, take note of your 1 rep maxes. These are important benchmark numbers to know and are very helpful in programming strength.

CrossFit Total

Back Squat 1 rep. Shoulder Press 1 rep. Deadlift 1 rep.

You have 3 lifts to find out your 1 rep max on each lift. This workout takes a little time to complete so please try to arrive a little early to start warming up. Get in a row, run or double under. Do a round of Cindy. Do a few KB swings. Joint Mobilty. Warm up your Press, squat and deadlift, then lift big! Keep an eye on your neighbor. Spot those backsquats. Remind people if they are sacrificing form for a number. Public service messages aside, have fun. This is a fun session!