CrossFit Water FountainAh Yes! We have installed a cooled water fountain at the new gym. Spitters will subjected to extreme burpees!

All classes are a go this weekend! See you at 9AM or Noon Saturday. Errol’s Mobility WOD at 10 Saturday. Or 11AM Gropup WOD Sunday followed by Spenser’s Yoga WOD at Noon!

Wow…next week is going to be awesome. Looking very good for a move on Thursday. Stay tuned. Saturday we are going to pull off a moving stunt. Again, stay tuned!!! Going to need about 40 people to do it!

Today’s Workout:
3x or 10:00
20jumping jacks => 20 mountain climbers => 10m Barb wire crawl crawl => 2 forward rolls => basic dot drill x 10 => 50-meter high-knee skip => 25-meter side shuffle => 180-degree turn => 25-meter side shuffle

Clean and Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1

WOD – Got a sub-4 minute Fran?
Thruster 95/65

  1. TOMMMM!

    You were supposed to give me a heads up for this one you $#(@$)$(%#@)#(!)#($(@!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh well, guess I’m coming in tomorrow now.