Main – CrossFit Group WOD

Happy Anniversary RPCF! We rolled into our current location 1 year ago today! Thanks for a great year everybody! We look forward to many more great memories, new PRs and scores more realizing their potential!

A reminder of our Open Gym Guidelines:
1./Mon – Thursday at 7:30pm – 9pm will now be a coach lead open gym class.
2./We’ve designated this time to help further our athletes, giving them a chance to improve on individual weaknesses such as strength and skill development.
3./The open class is for all athletes at RPCF and anyone is welcome.
4./Athletes must complete the “RPCF Code of Performance Training” test in order to do their own programming and skill work. If you are yet to pass the test you are welcome to come to the open class and do the daily WOD of that day.
5./During the peak hours of 4:00pm – 7:30pm only group training is permitted with the exception of private training with a coach. This means group class structure only on the floor (Pep talk, warm up, tech, and WOD are done together) and no alternative programming or training during this time. If you need to modify the daily WOD, please talk to the coach present and he or she will direct you.
6./We are also running Open gym from Noon – 4pm but athletes during this time will not have supervision and must ask for training approval.
7./If an athlete desires private periodized programming towards the Open, or wishes to improve a specific skill, they can opt for private or semi private programming.
8./We’ve also implemented the RPCF WOD league starting at 10am on Saturdays to improve competitive spirit, get familiar with movement standards and judging, and drive performance increases.

Med Ball Warm-up (No Measure)

With a partner, 30 seconds each of:
1./Two hand shove through chest
2./ Twist to right and shove
3./ Twist to left and shove
4./ Seated twist to right and shove
5./ Seated twist to left and shove
6./ Ballistic sit-up

Shoulder Press (5-5-5-5)

You will perform 20-30 seconds of Hollow Rocks between sets

04152015 (Time)

In teams of 3, complete 5 rounds each of for time of:
200 Meter Row (Sprint)
10 X Ground to Overhead RX=115/75