Main – CrossFit Group WOD

A reminder that this weekend is Easter. Our hours are:

Friday: 8:00AM, NOON and 5:30PM (Note there will likely be a coach at the gym all day, shoot a text if you want to do an Open Gym in between these classtimes)
Saturday: Regular Hours
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 8:00AM, NOON and 5:30PM

Note: No dodgeball Friday night. Go to Mass.

If you haven’t heard, a volleyball net magically appears everyday around 3:45PM and we get a pick-up game going until the 430 class. Drop in if you can. It’s a laugh!

Tabata Bottom 2 Bottom Squats (No Measure)

20 seconds on. 10 seconds off. 8 rounds. Rest Ass in Grass

Back Squat

Spend 15 Minutes working up to a heavyish set of 3.



Widowmakers (Weight)

Back Squat 20 reps at a weight that you choose.

Stipulation is that you may not put the bar down once you have started.

All reps must be below parallel.
Take note of your results from 2 weeks ago. How are you feeling today?

Then cooldown with a game of:

Rowling (Distance)

We’re playing 2 games!

The objective is to row exactly 100m. It doesnt matter how fast you row, or how slow
you row, but you want to get as close to 100m as you can. If you get exactly 100m, that is
considered a Strike
Similar to bowling, you row 10 frames. On the last frame, if you score a strike, you get
another frame. Your score for each round is the deviation from 100m. Your total for the
game is your score across all 10 rounds. So if I row 102m or 98m, my score from that
round would be 2 etc.
If in the last frame you row a strike, you continue rowing to overwrite your frame 1 score
if it wasnt a strike and can keep rowing until you miss a perfect row. (watch the video,
it makes sense I swear)
Video and written rules here: