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Today it’s an honor to announce our latest HERO WOD! “The Kirby”

Chris has been with us since December 2012. A lot of you know Chris’ story. For those that don’t, Chris is running on a heart-transplant! Chris has and continues to defy the odds for a transplant recipient. As a matter of fact, his metrics are better than an average man with his original ticker. Chris also competed in the CrossFit Games Opens this past year. And Chris, many thanks for getting your lovely wife, Tanya and striking brother, Mike into the gym as well.

Coach Led – 10 min (No Measure)

Warmup movement and mobility
Followed by 3 Rounds:
5 Push Ups
5 Ring Rows
100m High Knees, Heel Strike

Bench Press (Warm Up to and attempt max reps BW)

If you can’t reach body weight, attempt max reps at 60% your 1RM

The “Kirby” (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

AMRAP: 15mins

100m Dash
5x Sprawl Wall Balls (Jump out to plank position on ball, jump up, squat clean ball, then throw to target, catch and repeat)
7x C2B Pull ups
10x Box Jumps