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Starting this Saturday April 12th at 2:30PM, Coach Ty and Hot Toddy are starting up a youth program aimed at teens that need a bit of help.

This program is being run at no cost. Our focus is working with teens 13-18 that:

a) Would benefit from mentoring and the positive environment at RPCF.
b) Who may not otherwise not get the opportunity to train in this type of environment.
c) That meet expectations of participants in this program.

For more info, or to get a teen into the program, please contact Ty

800m Getting to know you (No Measure)

800m Team Jog
groups of two or three jog together and find out what each person in the groups worst
job was and what they got payed for it.

Coaches during mobility ask people to share what they found out about the other
people in their group

Front Squat

Spend 15 Minutes working up to:

Power Clean 3 RM + Max rep front squat
On your last set of power cleans before dropping the weight perform a single set of max rep front squats with your 3 RM weight.

04072014 (Time)

Accumulate 60 burpees
However, EMOM
odd 5 strict pullups
even 10 pushups