1120114_10152606173813475_1159236438_oThanks for the great shots Duncan!


Big Congrats to Spicy Beef Taco who took 5th place overall at the Nutts Cup this past weekend at CrossFit Vancouver! And big ups to Bonnie, Zach and Ty for the heroic last minute entry to the contest.

Watch this space! We’ll have a limited run of the new RPCF tshirts available for pre-sale this week. The shirts will be delivered next week!

This Saturday is the 3rd Annual RPCFO Challenage! The competition gets underway at 9AM. Each team will be compeiting in two WODs over the course of the day. the RX division will be completing movements never before seen in a CrossFit compeition! Points will be awarded! prized will be won. The glorious RPCFO Challenage Trophy will find out it’s home for the next year! If you are able to volunteer as a judge please let me know this week! If possible, could all the athletes and volunteer judges make it to the gym at 5PM for a quick meeting regarding teams and movements.

Today’s Workout
Warm Up
3 Rounds or for 10 minutes of:
200m Run => 2 Forward Rolls => 5 pistols per leg or 10 Candlestick Roll to Pistol => practice 2 X backroll => 10 V-Ups => 1 skin the cat (or attempt innversion on rings) => 5-10 HSPUs or 2-3 wallwalks

Spend 10-15 min working up to a heavy 3RM Thruster

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in five minutes of:
5 X Thrusters (135/95)-RX (95-115/65-85)-Perf (45/35)-Fitness
10 X Pull-Ups-RX (Assist – Perf) (Ring Rows – Fitness)

You will rest exactly five minutes: then

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in five minutes of:
10 X Burpees
10 X Wall Ball (20/14)-rx (16/10)-perf (10-14/6-10)-fit

Large classes will divide in two groups. One starts with Thrusters, the other wallballs. Swap and share the joy at the break.