stcikmenRocky Point Tees

This is the artwork for the tshirts that will be in hand next week (fingers crossed). I hope to have pre-sales available to you before the end of the week!

CF Overdrive is chirping pretty hard about this coming weekend. The power of the RPCFO Challenage Trophy is making them pretty cocky. Our teams are formed. Time to take them down a peg!

So, we will be getting rid of Beyond the Whiteboard. To the few that used it, I’ll have it back up and running for 1 more month so that you can get your workout data. I’ll just be pulling my Girl and Lift data. We will be implementing replacement WOD tracking software in the very near future. We just need to find the right one.

Today’s Workout
3 ROunds or 10 min:
20 PVC pass-throughs => 2 forward rolls => 10 Walking Lunge – per leg => 2 cartwheels => 10 mountain climbers => Agility Ladder => 10 one-legged side-to-side hops, each leg

EMOM – 10 Min
Even – 3 Power Snatch
ODD – 30 Double-Unders or 60 Singles

Teams of two must complete the following as quickly as possible:
1200 Meter Run (3 there and back 400m track.)
50 Power Cleans (135/95)-RX (95-115/65-85)-Perf (45-75/35-55)-Fitness
100 Pull-Ups – Assisted
200 Anchored Sit-Ups (your partner will anchor your feet)
1200 Meter Run

The above tasks are totals for the team of two. Partition reps as you see
fit. Only one partner can be working at any given time (This includes the run)