3 more sleeps until the 3rd Annual RPCFO Challenage! Breaking news! CF Renagade will be unable to make it. That’s fine fine. Fewer witnesses to the massacre we’re going to lay down! 😉

Today’s Workout
20 Turkish Get-Ups – just a fist
10 Turkish Get-Ups – with weight
Working up to a heavy TGU.
Mobility in between.

Five sets of:
2 X Shoulder Press + Push Press x Max Reps
(strict press twice as heavy as you can, then push press as many times as possible. Trying to get as heavy as possible)
Rest 15 seconds
Push-Ups x Max Reps in 45 seconds
(practice PERFECT plank position – no snaking or loss of midline integrity)
Rest 2-3 minutes

Every minute, on the minute, for 10 minutes perform:
7 Thrusters
3 Burpees

Work up as heavy as you can for the challenge, but do not sacrifice good form. If you fail to complete your set within the minute, finish it and then rest the remainder of the minute you ran into. Score is total number of rounds or reps completed.