Main – CrossFit Group WOD

800m Run or Row (No Measure)

Easy jog
Followed by 5 minutes mobility work

KB Swing/C&J/Snatch Clinic (No Measure)

10 Minutes working on KB movements in preparation for WOD. Led by coach

12172013 Chipper Schipper Zipper (Time)

KB = Kettlebell BB = Barbell

10 KB swings 53/35
9 Push jerk 135/95
8 BB Front squats
Waiters walk around bean counter (with your KB)
7 BB Deadlifts
6 BB Push press
5 man makers on the KB plank row, just switch the arm doing the row
Bean counter farmers walk
4 KB thrusters each arm
3 KB clean and jerks each arm
2 KB snatches each arm
Bean counter KB walking lunges
1 Bear complex followed by one rope climb (Complex = 1 Clean, 1 Squat, 1 Press, 1 back squat, 1 press)
Performance Weight = 75-115/55-85
KB = 45/25

Fitness Weight = 45-65/35-55
KB = 35/15-20

Sub Rope Climb with 10 Ring Rows

This one is gonna get funky.