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Have a great week everyone!

Tabata – Coach’s Choice (No Measure)

Might be one movement. Might be a grab bag. Hope your coach is in a good mood. 😉
Actually, Tabata’s will be:
Odds: Walking Lunge
Evens: Burpees

Squats, Bridges & Scaps (No Measure)

3 Rounds (For quality)
8 Air Squats
8 1-Leg Glute Bridge (both legs if tough.)
8 Scap Slides

Shoulder Press (5-5-5-5)

02172014 – Angry Phoebe (Time)

3 Rounds for time:
8 Hang Power Cleans 155/105
400m Run

Cooldown Row (No Measure)

Get a partner and row a SLOW 1200m, switching every 300m. While your partner is rowing, stretch.