All weekend classes are a go!

Today’s Workout
3x or 10:00
10 squats => 10 mountain climbers => 10 lunge steps => 1 Skin The Cat => 30 sec plank hold => 10m Handstand walk or handstand hold => 25-meter high-knee skip

Sumo Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3

Happy Birthday Karla Parker WOD

For time, teams of 2 (aka as partners)
1000m row – partners can split up the row as they feel necessary
27 *partner pistols – partners must be linked in some way while doing them (facing partner with clasped hands works best)
54 Shoulder to overhead 95/65 – break reps as needed
27 Synchronized wall balls – meaning reps only count when both partner’s throw their balls together.
54 double unders – 54 reps break reps as needed
27 synchronized wall balls – see above
54 toes-to-bar – 54 reps must be completed total, partners can split reps as they feel necessary
27 * partner pistols – See above
1000m row

*Progression is to clasp hands and have one partner assist with the other with the pistol