Whole lotta love in today’s Workout!

Today is a hero WOD. It was yesterday’s WOD on the mainsite and it fits the bill as to what we wanted to program (a metcon/gymnastics mix). Hero WODs are never the greatest idea, so only consider doing RX if you have ben hitting up RX WODs on a regular basis. I test drove this one yesterday and did a number on my false grip. The Fitness and Performance version of this WOD will be challenge enough!

Those going RX, do a warmup on your own, the clock starts for you within 15 minutes of the start of class.
3 Rounds or 10 minutes:
10 Situps => 10m Bear Crawl => 1 Forward Roll (always think about sushi when I type this) => 10 squats => 10 Mountain Climbers => 10M High-Knee Trot =>10M heel-to-bum trot=> 10M Broad Jump

Practice Ring Pull-ups, Ring Dips, Static Dips, Muscle-Up and Muscle-Up progression.

AMRAP 20 Minutes
400m Run
40 Air Squats
8 Ring Rows
8 Box Dips

AMRAP 30 Minutes
800m Run
80 Air Squats
8 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups (or as high as you can)
8 Ring/Static/Box Dips

“Hortman” RIP
AMRAP 45 Minutes
800m Run
80 AirSquats
8 Muscle-Ups