Happy Birthday Tom! Today’s WOD is for you!

Main – CrossFit Group WOD

The RPCF 60 Day BFIT Challenge gets started on Saturday. You are welcome to pop your name into a free row on the big screen at the gym anytime you like. If you need more info check out the BFIT Challenge page.

Dr Andrea Sywack will be hosting a complimentary Shoulder Seminar this Saturday morning at 10AM. Bring a friend and some questions and learn a heck of a lot more about the where the arm bone connects to the torso bone. (Got that song in your head now?)

Many apologies! I have just heard from the VPD and they regret that they have to postpone the POPAT competition towards the end of March. Official police business has overtaken their schedule. I shall keep you posted with updates.

800m Run or Row (No Measure)

Easy jog
Followed by 10 minutes of Shoulder Mobility. If you are asking yourself what you should be doing for shoulder mobility, ask your coach! Also be sure to attend the Shoulder seminar being put on by Andrea on Saturday at 10am for more shoulder maintenance tips.

Handstands & Pistols (No Measure)

5 rounds of:
2-3 Handstand attempts (if needed use a wall progression)
rest 60 seconds
3 slow pistols per leg (use box progression if needed)
rest 60 seconds

01082014 The Parker Complex (Time)

35 Parker Complex (power clean, back lunge left (in front rack), back lunge right, shoulder to overhead)

Every min on the min complete 2 burpees

RX: 115/75 lbs
RX+: 135/95 (min 1rm clean for rx+ is 225 lbs)

Scale: switch to dumbbells and/or scale to 25 reps