3 Rounds or 10 minutes
20 PVC pass-throughs => 20 walking lunges => Agility Ladder => 2 cartwheels => 15 squats => basic dot drill x 10

This one is a long one, but with loads of rest.
Four rounds for max reps of:
Against a 5-minute running clock . . .
Unbroken Pull-Ups x Max Reps (Fitness will do Max Ring Rows.) (Performance can do assisted pullups)
600 Meter Run (400m run for Fitness)
115/75 lb. Push Press x Max Reps (Performance weight = 75-95/45-65 lb) (Fitness weight = 45/35 lbs)
Rest exactly 5 minutes between sets

Score is total pull-ups and total Push Presses.

For Example:
The clock starts running and Michael starts doing pull-ups. He drops from the bar after 25 reps. He goes out and does the run. He returns with 2 minutes left on the clock. He will use those 2 minutes to get as many Push Presses completed as possible.