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Thanks Aaron and Maple Ridge Paintball for hosting our BFIT Day yesterday. What a blast! A few welts. A lot of laughs. We’ll be doing ti again. If you missed it, check out for a great outing.

Lots of new people entering group classes this week. Be on the lookout for Julie, Marc, Oscar and Carl. (Pics on FB to come)

If you are available July 5th and 6th, please consider volunteering for PentathaWOD. Sign up sheet on the corkboard.

Coach Led – 10 min (No Measure)

Warmup movement and mobility

Planked To Meet You (No Measure)

10 min Coach led warm-up. Then:
3 min partner facing Plank Hold
Partners find out two things that
they did not know about the other

Shoulder Press (3-3-3-3)

06092014 (Time)

3 rounds

Rest for exact amount of time required to complete previous interval

Run 200m
Run 400m
Run 600m

Score includes rest time