Casey InglisOur man “Beef”. #1 in Canada West. Check out the article CrossFit wrote up on him.

Today is the day we get the deets on CF Games Open 13.2. Any guesses?

Only a couple of tix left for the Canucks. Bus is leaving The Gillnetter at 530PM! Call me or Ty.

Today’s Workout:

Warmup – 10 Minutes
2 Minutes in each: Pistols or pistol progressions, L Sits, L-Pullups or L-Pullup Negatives, Handstand holds or walks or Headstand progression, Joint Mobo

rest 5 minutes

1 Mile Run TT

4 Rounds of Tabata. Cycle through:
* Rows for calories
* Double Unders
* Burpees
* ABMAT Situps

Your score is the lowest number of reps in any given 20 second stretch. Add those 4 scores together for a total.