Today’s Workout
Med Ball Partner Warmup. 1 Partner is tossing the ball, the ohter is FIRING the ball.
30 Seconds then switch roles:
1/ Standing, facing partner, 2 hand thrust from chest
2/ Standing, Catch, twist to right, fire from hip
3/ Standing, Catch, twist to left, fire from hip
4/ Seated, legs flat and pointed 90 degress from passing partner. Catch, twist to right, smash floor with ball, fire back at partner
5/ Same as 4, but smash to other side of floor. Smashy smashy.
6/ Seated. Catch ball just above head, do sit up, hurl ball and abuse at partner

EMOM 10 Minutes
Power Clean, 2 X Hang Clean, Jerk
Keep the same weight for the fill 10 minutes.

Work on technique for 13.2

WOD – CF Games Open 13.2
10 Minute AMRAP
5 Shoulder to Overhead (any way you want it, that’s the way you need it)
10 Deadlifts (Alright! Alright!)
15 Box Jumps
RX Weight is 115/75. 24″/20″ box. Set it up to keep your form proper and near redline output.