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The 60 BFIT Challenge is over. I’ve heard from some of you the great changes you’ve experienced. I (Coach Tom) took 8 pounds off myself. It put my into fighting weight for the CrossFit Games. I can easily say that being tight on my Nutrition made the training and the Games so-far much easier. And my wife says I look better naked. Stay tuned for the next challenge coming soon.

So the winner of the 60 Day BFIT Challenge……..Mike Freydenlund! We’ll be running the Freydenlund Benchmark WOD Monday! Here’s how the top 20 rounded out:
1 Mike Frydenlund 611
2 Derek James 598
3 Chelsea Herberts 596
4 Nick Andersen 592
5 Kate Filipovic 578
6 Matt Pilapil 560
7 Kathy Ruddock 550
8 Kevin Curtis 539
9 Michael Wraight 536
10 Merry Ware 532
11 Simeon Elibaccus 524
12 Coach Tom 515
13 Rosanna Reid 513
14 Zoran Jerkovic 507
15 Jen Bergeron 493
16 Coach CLARK 481
17 Brie Lee 481
18 James Conn 474
19 Colby Treliving 437
20 Raj Singh 423

Reminder that the Mobility WOD will be run from 9:30 to 10AM tomorrow morning as we clear the floor for 14.3 from 10AM to NOON. (P.S. The signup sheet is up)

As you may have noticed, the new RPCF BFIT edition tees are in stock. $30 cash. Or let us know if you just want us to use the payment method on account.

Barbell Tack & Floss and Extended Tabatas (No Measure)

5 mins barbell tack and floss on quads followed by coach’s call extended tabata 30sec on / 10 sec off

400M Elevated Row (Time)

Men – Put 2 X 45# plate under the back of the rower
Women – 1 X 45# plate

Row 400M for time

11192013 PB&J Time (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


5 Push Press 95/65 lbs
3 Strict Pull-ups

Cooldown – Coach-led 400m Run (No Measure)

Probably not run. But do a cooldown on the floor