CrossFit CoquitlamRyan – Clearly enjoying himself too much.

Pretty crazy turnout yesterday at 430PM! 26 people banged out that WOD. Pretty cool. I was very impressed with everyone’s ability to put out the intensity and keep an eye out for their neighbor. I went by the new gym yesterday. The plumbing is in for the new showers and washrooms. The framing is complete for the changerooms. And I believe they were prepping the demising wall for removal. Mid-April!!!

Today’s Workout:
3x or 10 Minutes
10 mountain climbers => 2 cartwheels => 10Mbear crawl => 10M Crab Walk => 10 one-legged side-to-side hops, each leg => 15 Air Squats => 10 Push Ups

Spend 25 minutes working up to a 1 RM Clean and Jerk. Get a coach to check your mechanics before you  wade into the deep end.

WOD – This is an odd one that popped up on the main site a couple of years ago. I think you’re going to be surprised by this one! This is one of those WODs that doesn’t look like much on paper, but will prove to be an interesting challenge.

For time: Walking Lunge, 400 m Post total time and number of steps.