Main – CrossFit Group WOD

Just a reminder: Dodgeball is on hold for the next 2 Friday nights.

Saturday we have regular hours with the exception of Mobility WOD which will be run from 9:30 to 10AM.

Leapfrog Burpee (No Measure)

Burpee Leapfrog 4 lengths of the gym with a partner.
Followed by 20 Banded or Barbell Good Mornings

Deadlift (EMOM 12 Minutes – 3 REPS @ 50% 1RM – Speed)

03212014 (0 Rounds for reps)

AMRAP 2min Wallballs
Rest 1min
AMRAP 3min Weighted Box Step @ 45 /25 KBs or DB’s
Rest 1min
AMRAP 2min KB Push press

Score total reps each round.