Main – CrossFit Group WOD

I’d like to start off by saying a BIG CONGRATS to everyone that participated in this year’s CrossFit Games Opens. It was an honor to watch you grow, watch surmount major obstacles, and watch you lay it on the line. It was also a great honor for me to compete with you. I know I have my work cut out for me if I hope to keep up with this crew.

And THANK YOU to everyone that gave up their Saturday mornings to judge. You made it so easy to pull this off for the last 5 weeks. And thanks to the spectators who showed up. When things are looking their darkest during a WOD and that little voice in your head is making a great argument to quit, hearing your name is just the spurs someone needs to pull through.

Stay tuned folks, we’re in the process of configuring a weekly Saturday morning competition. This will be member-driven. A great way to get your competitive chops and keep the edge for this summer’s upcoming events.

Limber up that rotator cuff and get ready to brandish hell in foam-form! Dodgeball is back on the schedule this Friday night. 7:30PM

Partner Squats (No Measure)

Find someone your height, get back-to-back, interlock arms, do 50 Squats.

Planked To Meet You (No Measure)

10 min Coach led warm-up. Then:
3 min partner facing Plank Hold
Partners find out two things that
they did not know about the other

Shoulder Press (3-3-3-3)

03312014 Dragging Boat (Time)

10 sets of rowing or 13 sets of running 2 – 3 people per team

500m row or 400m run per person.

One person rowing the other/s resting. Each time you dismount the rower, you will perform one rope climb or 10 pull-ups/ring-rows.

note – this WOD is up to the coaches discretion to whether you will be rowing or running and
defendant on class size.