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This Saturday The Barons of Beef should be on hand for a BBQ. It’s Viki’s B-Day so there is a nasty WOD coming for you! BBQ should be around Noon.

PentathaWOD 2014 is coming July 5th 7 6th! Divisions for all levels of CrossFitter. Talk to a coach for more details.

800m Run or Row (No Measure)

Easy jog

Agility Drill (No Measure)

Move the lifting racks out of the way.
Broad Jump to the first green line
Backpedal to the starting line
Side shuffle back to the middle green line
Side shuffle back to the starting line
Broad jump to the green line

For time

Overhead Squat (10 Minutes Working up to a heavy)

Spend the majority of your time perfecting the technique of this difficult squat. Rolling on to the balls of your feet? Drop weight and get that shit figured out.

05142014 (Time)

Part 1/ 6 minutes to complete:
1000m run
225/185# or 60% 1RM deadlifts, max reps

3 minute break
Part 2/ 7 minutes to complete:
1000m run
135/95# 60% 1RM power cleans, max reps

3Minute Break
Then, 8 minutes to complete:
1000m run
95/65# or 60% 1RM overhead squats, max reps (progression is front squats .)

Score is total reps completed