“How you Do’n”

Were are back into the full swing of things and were highly impressed with the lifting yesterday guys. Be sure to make note of your Grace time and weight and log it into Beyond the Whiteboard, it’s sure to come around again sometime in the near future.

If you haven’t heard, Spenser has been organizing a grand opening BBQ for this Saturday after the noon WOD. With a “we supply the meat you bring the salad” sort of theme. There is a sign up board for who will be bringing what down at the gym if you would like to volunteer a dish. Whole30 approved would be greatly appreciated by those on the challenge, but it’s certainly not mandatory. After that we’re going to head over to the field for a little soccer and such. If you have any questions, please direct them to Spenser and the other coaches.

Today’s WOD:

Warm up: 5 Rounds for quality of:

10 hollow rocks

5 pull ups

1 handstand hold

Tech: For Quality,

30 Weighted L -sit Chin ups

30 No-kip Toes To Bars (Or knee raises)

30 GHD Hip Extensions or 2 Min Superman Hold

WOD:Fitness 8min AMRAP / Performance 10min AMRAP / RX 12min AMRAP

10 Burpees

20 One arm KB swings (3/4 height)