We are starting to get all the little pieces back into place at the new gym. We have set-up the “sign-in” computer at the front of the gym. Please start scanning your membership card (or punching in your name) when you come in. I also got the Beyond The Whiteboard computer back up and running beside the actual Whiteboard. This is for you to log your work. Not using ? Talk to me about getting your account started so you can log your WODs!

Today’s Workout
15 Minute general warmup. Get ready to run

It has been a while since we programmed this one. New neighborhood, new Holy Hills Batman 5KM Run. Check with your workout buddy when they are coming in today and do this one together. Sub for this one is 5KM Row (not very hilly).

1./ Turn Left leaving gym.
2./ Right on Schoolhouse.
3./ Wait for a green light, go stright and start up Decaire
4./ Turn Right on Dansey
5./ Turn Right on Laurentian.
6. Turn Right on Thomas Ave.
7./ Turn Left on Seaforth Cres.
8./ Turn Right on Laurentian. Keep right on Laurentian (Avoid going straight onto Cutler St)
9./ Turn Left on Brunette (Careful crossing St)
10./ Turn Right on Cayer St
11. Turn RIght on Booth
12./ Turn Left on Mymam St
13./ Turn Right on Lucille Starr Way.
14. Turn Right on Schoolhouse
15. Turn RIght on Booth. You are Home!