1./ All weekend classes are a go! 9AM and Noon Saturday. Mobility WOD 10AM Saturday. 11AM WOD Sunday. Yoga Noon Sunday.
2./ Final call for the Larry Young Memorial 5KM run at Stanley Park Sunday Morning. I’ll be leaving from the gym at 8AM if you want to carpool. Buy your ticket here.
3./ The Lost and Found clothing becomes a donation at the end of today.
4./ White Water rafting trip is picking up! Check our FB page for more details and registration! This will be the highlight of the summer!
5./ CrossFit Games Regionals are June 7-9. Come cheer on Viki, Casey, Nathan, Jen, Stacey and Spenser as they compete against the best CrossFitters in Western Canada!

Today’s Workout
3 Rounds or 10 minutes
Alternating Floor Press (1KB per hand – Alternate press to extention – 8-10 per arm)
Medball Chest Push – Partner (Kneeling, push medball as explosively as possible at partner. Catch yourself before you faceplant. 10 passes each)
Sit-up Med Ball Throws – Partner (10 passes each)

Every 1 min on the minute for 30 mins do:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Air Squats

Score is number of fully completed rounds.