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June 1st – 9AM HMCS Discovery 9:30AM Larry Young Memorial 5KM Run (No WOD at the gym this Sunday!) You can park right at HMCS Discovery. We advise it. Also, several people will be meeting at the gym at 8:00AM to carpool. Aiming to leave at 8:15AM. Breakfast is $10. Groovy door prizes.

June 8th – Maple Ridge Paintball – 2PM. $10 (What a deal!)

June 15th – Grouse Grind – Time TBA

June 21st – Tough Mudder Whistler

1 Mile Run (Time)

For time

Bench Press (5RM – Advance lifters work to a 3RM.)

then perform one set of 70% of current 1rm for Max reps

05302014 (No Measure)

EMOM 16mins
Power Snatch x3
Burpee x5