Don’t forget, this Saturday is our 3rd Annual CF Mini Games and BBQ. The fun starts at Noon with our own Mini-Games (Team format), followed by Randy’s Ridculously Awesome Jerk Chicken. (Apparently this stuff is hot!). We’ll also have organic free-range burgers cooking as well. If you are coming, please put your name on the list taped to the whiteboard. We’ll be streaming the Games on the Big Screen.

Thank you for the over-whelming response to for participants for the 3rd Annual RPCFO Community Challenage. I have the names on my desk and now I am faced with the dilema of creating teams. We have more people than available slots, so I believe I will be drawing the names via lottery. Stay tuned.

The CrossFit Games are underway. Click here to check out what is streaming from California.

Today’s Workout
Warmup: 3 rounds or 10 minutes
20 PVC pass-throughs => 20 squats => cartwheel => bear crawl => forward roll => broad jump => Agility Ladder => broad jump => 200-meter run => broad jump

5 Sets
Hang Clean X 2, Power Clean X1

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run, 400 m
Pull-up Max Set
(Basically, do as many pull-ups as you can. Consider the 400m Run a penalty for dropping from the bar)