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Hips and Shoulders Mobility (No Measure)

Light Jog around Bean Counter. 10 Walking Lunges per leg, 20 Jumping Jacks, 10 PushUps. Then spend 5-10 minutes with hip and shoulder joint mobility. Your coach will set you up.

500m Row (Time)

Max Effort 500m Row
Take turns, saddle up, pull that 500m row as fast as you can. There will be a break before the WOD.

10302013 Dirty Hippies (AMRAP – Rounds)

EMOM 15 Minutes
5 Push ups
10 Box Steps
15 KB Swings 50/35lbs

The goal is to complete all 15 rounds for a score of 15. If you miss a round, deduct 1 from your score, then pick it up again in the next round.

RX+ is 70/50lbs KB