Hope you all had great weekend. Just a reminder if you didn’t hear me talking about it last week; we did a few benchmarks last week (Annie, some got a 1RM deadlift and Shoulder Press.) Please take note of those results and we’ll show you how to input them into Wodify later this week. Also, those of you that have been using Beyond the Whiteboard please take note of your Girls and Lifts data. BTWB will only be accesible for about 3 more weeks.

Today’s Workout
Easy 800m Jog or Row
Coach’s Choice Tabata

On the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes:
Thruster x 2 reps
(take the weight from the floor for every rep)

(build the weight as you see fit – the goal is to move as much weight as possible in the 12 minutes – do not count failed attempts, simply sum the weights successfully lifted over the course of the 12 minutes/24 potential lifts)

Rest exactly 5 minutes, and then . . .

On the minute, every minute, for 12 minutes:
20 Double-Unders + Max Reps Push-Ups

(Be smart here!!! The goal is max number of push-ups completed at the end of the 12 minutes, but consider how many you want to complete in each minute – Going to failure each rounds is a lousy strategy!)

(Two scores – one for thrusters, and one for push-ups – e.g., Thrusters = 3840 lbs., Push-Ups = 206 reps