What a weekend!

PentathaWOD was a huge success. The competition was tight, the WODs were intense, the track was exciting and PentathaWOD closed a stellar weekend.

The army of volunteers that came out made it all possible. We can’t thank you enough for your time. You all picked up the plans and ran a tremendous show. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Don and Tristen filmed hours and hours of video. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll put out some quality videos. There were several photographers on the scene to capture the weekend. Watch our FB page for posts.

Of course, thank you to all the athletes who left nothing on the table and gave us all a lot of memories with your atheticism and determination. I’ll be going through the results from each event and posting everyone’s times, throws, jumps and hang times later this week. But to re-cap, here are the top 3 for each division:

Team Women – Scaled:
1. Steph Newmarch & Karlee Diesing
2. Patricia Griffiths & Bethany Harper
2. Tracey Gallo & Jessa Ortynski

Team Men – Scaled
1. Nick Gontes & Sean Wark
2. Josh Stevenson & Tom Kusmanovic
3. Zach Brummer & Conner O’Leary

Team Women RX
1. Emily Beers & Delaina Snider
2. Marely Hall & Jan Brine
3. Cindy Yoc & Stacey Chomos

Team Men RX
1. Robbie Perovich & Kurt Baker
2. Joe Scali & Casey Inglis (Casey did the last 3 events on his own)
3. Mike Perrier & Tom Smith

Women RX
1. Amanda Watson
2. Viki Hall
3. Jen Schneider

Men RX
1. Spenser Lee
2. Adam Person
3. Cole Bernier

Today’s Workout
Today’s Workout
Light run, 3 times around Bean Counter Building
50 JUmping Jacks. Every 5th rep do a burpee (1,2,3,4 Jumping Jacks, Burpee etc)
30 Air Squats

Three sets of:
Walking Lunges with KBs x 20 steps
(use the heaviest KBs you can handle while keeping perfect form)
Rest 60 seconds
Side Plank Hold x 30-45 seconds each side
Rest 60 seconds;

For time:
400 Meter Run
30 Front Squats (Heavy)
30 Box Jumps (Higher than usual)
400 Meter Run
(The front squat weight should be a challenge. The weight you select should be heavy enough to require you to break the 30 reps into 3-5 sets.)